Playing around with graphics…

As a ROA member (ROA = Riviera Owner Association), I receive the “Riview” magazine every two months. This magazine (and of course the membership in the ROA Club) is a MUST for every die-hard “Rivian” and generally for every Riviera lover.

In response to a request from RAY KNOTT – the publisher of this cool magazine – I had already the chance to publish a few articles as a series on the restoration of my own ’65 Buick Riviera.

Every year the ROA organizes an international meeting and attaches a cool flyer to the magazine.
The meeting will take place this year (2020) in Kalamazoo in June 22 – 25 and this is the original Flyer:

I loved the poster straight away! Specially the perspective of the 65 Riviera and wanted to scan it for further processing… Today I finally had time and edited the flyer a bit – colorize, revert, etc..
I have to admit that I want to use this design for my personal purposes – into a T-shirt, a cap and a coffee mug! 😉

Special shirt designs created for the “DECEPTION”

An other pleasure to create this design for my good friends Kenneth and Kenny Jr.
This graphic design based on the flyer I did recently for these cool guys, will be printed on a short sleeve work uniform they wanna wear at car shows, where they promote their “Deception”.
Watch out of the back of these guys!!!

The Deception is a Father/Son project – a 1964 Buick Riviera restoration which took many years. (I had already told about this car in previous blogs… Check them out!).