Playing around with graphics…

As a ROA member (ROA = Riviera Owner Association), I receive the “Riview” magazine every two months. This magazine (and of course the membership in the ROA Club) is a MUST for every die-hard “Rivian” and generally for every Riviera lover.

In response to a request from RAY KNOTT – the publisher of this cool magazine – I had already the chance to publish a few articles as a series on the restoration of my own ’65 Buick Riviera.

Every year the ROA organizes an international meeting and attaches a cool flyer to the magazine.
The meeting will take place this year (2020) in Kalamazoo in June 22 – 25 and this is the original Flyer:

I loved the poster straight away! Specially the perspective of the 65 Riviera and wanted to scan it for further processing… Today I finally had time and edited the flyer a bit – colorize, revert, etc..
I have to admit that I want to use this design for my personal purposes – into a T-shirt, a cap and a coffee mug! 😉

Rob J’s Project – Restoration of a 65 Rivi 401

A cool project of the restoration of a 1965 Riviera 401 by Rob J, a member of the ROA forum (ROA Member #13099).
Also interesting are the comments of the other forum members who follows this step by step restoration. Enjoy and learn!

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Forum – Buick Riviera Owners Association

Find everything you need to know about Rivieras in the forum of the ROA (Riviera Owners Association)!
Didn’t found your topic in the overall seach??? So post your problem or questions, there are a lot of cool and very qualified technicians and mechs ready to help you or to give any advice for your problem.

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