Hi, I’m "Schmiddy"...

…this is how my friends call me. 🙂

I introduce myself briefly

First you must know,  as a Swiss my English is not that good but I’m always trying my best to write in English as good as I can – so please don’t give anything about my orthography! 😉
Please keep in mind that I basically write all my articles in German, and then, with some little help from my best friend (I call him “Google translator”) – I try to translate as good as possible!

I have always been fascinated by how classic cars are brought to new glamor by specialists and car enthusiasts and have always had a lot of respect and admiration for such people.
To the suffering of my wife, I looked at all these car tv shows that were broadcasted on any channels like American Hotrod, Overhaulin’, Carinis Classic Cars, Wheeler Dealers, Gasmonkey’s Fast & Loud, Jay Leno’s Garage, Highway to sell, and all these… My dream always was to be as talented as these guys!

One day, that was in spring 2013, my good fellow and friend came back from the States and told me about a car meet that he had attended in Las Vegas. As he show me some pics of that car meeting, I instantly fell in love with a midnight blue Buick Riviera from 1965. I knew this was exactly what I had to own and so, I started my research. I must emphasize that here where I live in Switzerland, such cars are very rare, as well as in this color!
I was fortunate to find a ’65 Riviera being sold by the widow of the first original owner. He had an impressive collection of classic cars and that Riviera was his favorite, she said. This couple made many trips to foreign countries of Europe in the car and the lady told me many of her memories stuck in this Rivi. In memory of her late husband, the Riviera was the last car she sold – and with one big condition: It must go to someone who promise to take very good care and restore it tastefully!
As an absolute “newbie” in car restoration, I gave my promise and bought the car at a good price… I was as happy as I had been for many years!

Now, the way I restore this Riviera (I guess – I hope – a never ending story) is shown in the section “Work in process“.
Enjoy to browse around and maybe my approach can inspire some of you guys!

If some of you purists see some inexact technical informations somewhere in my descriptions or you car enthusiasts just want to know how I restored the one or other thing, please feel free to contact me by using my contact form.

Thank you for being here and please enjoy my webpage.

My beloved ’65 Rivi as I bought it…

+/- 320

hours spend for restorations so far


photos taken


tasks waiting…

Where I live

Meikirch is a small town with about 2300 inhabitants and is +/- 20km (12.5 miles) away from the Swiss capital Bern. People here are open minded, very friendly and communicative. Always nice when they are already waving from far when I come around the corner in my Riviera!
I live here with my wife for 5 years in a modern housing scheme and I never would like to leave it again!
Not far from here I have my garage where I screw with heart and soul on my Riviera and sometimes also on my customized Yamaha XJR 1300.

What I do

With all the hobbies I have, I never get bored… I also screw on a full customized Yamaha XJR1300, I am an Advanced Open Water Diver, passionate about playing Jazz on my double bass and my 6-string bass guitars, love to cook, drink some good wine with my wife and my friends and I always try to be creative as much as I can. Screwing on my Riviera, however, is my favorite activity!

If I am not currently in the garage working on my car or motorbike, I work full-time as Head of IT and Ad-Productions for “Freiburger Nachrichten” (a reputed media company in my country) and I also work as UX-Designer and Art Director as freelancer (www.schmiddy.design).
Leading medium to large application software projects, creating new designs for graphical print stuff or interactive software interfaces, while keeping user experience on high level and usability easy and smart, is for me a very exiting challenge and an enriching occupation.