Playing around with graphics…

Every year the ROA organizes an international meeting and attaches a flyer to the magazine.
This year (2020) the meeting will take place in Kalamazoo in June 22 - 25. I loved the poster straight away and wanted to scan it for further processing... Today I finally had time and edited the flyer a bit - colorize, revert, etc..
I have to admit that I want to use this design for my personal purposes - into a T-shirt. 😉
01/17/2020/by Schmiddy

Resto of a ’65 Buick Riviera by Horsepower Enterprises

An other build  from Horsepower Enterprises. They offer quality, award-winning restorations of all makes and models. Here the restoration of a 65 Buick Riviera. Check out all the issues, very interesting how it turned out.
01/15/2020/by Schmiddy

Service Manual for the Buick Riviera 1965

Many of you, myself included, have been looking for this "Bible" after you bought this awesome Riviera 65 coupe. Now here it is, download it for free!
10/04/2019/by Schmiddy

Special shirt designs created for the “DECEPTION”

An other pleasure to create this design for my good friends Kenneth and Kenny Jr.
This graphic design based on the flyer I did recently for these cool guys, will be printed on a short sleeve work uniform they wanna wear at car shows, where they promote their “Deception”.
08/12/2018/by Schmiddy

Flyer created for Kenny’s Deception

It was such a big pleasure to create an info flyer for my good friends Kenneth and his son Ken.
This Flyer is a give away they use at car shows where they promote the Deception - a 1964 Buick Riviera they restored while years! This car is just a bomb!!!  (I had already told about this car in previous blogs...)
08/04/2018/by Schmiddy – Riviparts from a Riviera owner for Riviera owners

Waiting for these to come… In the mail they turned out great, can’t wait to install them!
07/20/2018/by Schmiddy

Clean ’65 Buick Riviera by Top Notch Customs

Coco Chanel once famously said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Some things just never lose their cool factor.
03/23/2018/by Schmiddy

Kenny’s Deception at Chicago World Of Wheels 2018

Kenneth and his son Kenny Becker had a wonderful time at the Chicago World Of Wheels sowing their amazing "DECEPTION", a full customized '64 Buick Riviera.
03/13/2018/by Schmiddy

Schmiddy’s ’65 Buick Riviera designed by Steve Stanford

After some deliberations - I was unsure if it would work at all - so I decided to contact Steve Stanford last year (2017)...
In my eyes, he is worldwide one of the best Hotrod draftsmen, if not the best, and I asked him whether he would draw me his vision of my '65 Riviera... Right, even here in the small Switzerland he is quite famous! 😉
03/13/2018/by Schmiddy

Interview with Ken Becker Jr. about his 64 Riviera “Deception”

Interview with Ken Becker Jr. about his 64 Riviera "Deception"
11/21/2017/by Schmiddy

1965 Buick Riviera (sold)

1965 BUICK RIVIERA 401 67000 Miles BLACK COUPE Automatic
07/03/2017/by Schmiddy

1964 Buick Riviera Custom

1965 BUICK RIVIERA 401 67000 Miles BLACK COUPE Automatic
07/02/2017/by Schmiddy

1965 Riviera LED Taillight Installation

"Mustang Project" ist the inventor of the LED sequential tail light system for a lot of classic cars.
06/23/2017/by Schmiddy

1963 – Commercial

What does it take to be a Buick? Here a 1964 Riviera.
06/15/2017/by Schmiddy

1965 Buick Riviera on 15″ supreme wheels

1965 Buick Riviera slammed on air ride suspension. 15" supreme wheels with whitewall tires and Bellflower pipes.
06/13/2017/by Schmiddy

Riviera Gran Sport – What you should know about 65 GS Rivs

An absolute great video for people who don't know that much about that car...
06/13/2017/by Schmiddy

1965 Buick Riviera (sold)

1965 Buick Riviera For Sale~Custom Leather~Fantastic & Very Original
06/13/2017/by Schmiddy

Rob J’s Project – Restoration of a 65 Rivi 401

A cool project of the restoration of a 1965 Riviera 401 by Rob…
06/01/2017/by Schmiddy

Forum – Buick Riviera Owners Association

Find everything you need to know about Rivieras in the forum of the ROA (Riviera Owners Association)!
04/25/2017/by Schmiddy

The 1965 Buick Riviera Custom that was debut by Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop at The SEMA Show 2016

Alloway's Hot Rod Shop has been building cool for many years. This 1965 Buick Riviera is no exception.
03/29/2017/by Schmiddy

1966 Buick Riviera – Jay Leno’s Garage

Randy Cark, owner of Hot Rods and Custom Stuff, stops by the garage to show Jay a custom 1966 Buick Riviera.
02/22/2017/by Schmiddy

Rodder’s issue #71 – Rivi-Design by Steve Stanford

I've always had a thing for Steve Stanford ... His drawings are so perfect and no one manages to grasp the "soul" of a car better than he does! His grandiose art is to draw a car as if the car itself had been asked what it would look like.
11/09/2016/by Schmiddy

Mother of all Rivieras, the Buick Riviera Silver Arrow

Buick's iconic 1963 Riviera luxury sport coupe from Bill Mitchell.
10/29/2016/by Schmiddy

1965 Buick Riviera “Gran Sport” from Mike Goldman Customs

This 1965 Buick Riviera was built by Mike Goldman Customs.
09/29/2016/by Schmiddy

SMS Auto Fabrics

Where I got my original luxury seat covers from... SMS Auto…
04/29/2016/by Schmiddy

JF Launier 2014 Ridler Winner Owner/Builder Interview

The 2014 Ridler Award winner J.F. Launier tells how it feels to win the award...
03/14/2016/by Schmiddy

Buick Riviera Owners and Enthusiasts on Facebook

Want to speak about Buick Rivieras in general or see what others do with their car?
02/29/2016/by Schmiddy

Why I’m doing this?

Hello everybody

This is my very first article...
01/01/2016/by Schmiddy