Resto of a ’65 Buick Riviera by Horsepower Enterprises

An other build  from Horsepower Enterprises. They offer quality, award-winning restorations of all makes and models. Here the restoration of a 65 Buick Riviera. Check out all the issues, very interesting how it turned out.


Horsepower Enterprises is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Please visit them at:

Service Manual for the Buick Riviera 1965

Hi there!

Many of you, myself included, have been looking for this “Bible” after you bought this awesome coupe. In fact, without some fundamental instructions, many of you may have to make assumptions on repairs or restorations to keep this wonderful car in shape, right?

Automatically, it pulls you to ebay or similar online platforms, which can provide the necessary information but mostly for an unjustified sum. Sure, with people who are passionate, you can make a lot of money! This bothers me…

I bought this service book… and now, I want to make it freely accessible to you all! You will find the content pages as PDF files wich is downloadable in a single zip archive.

Download the whole thing here (550 MB)

Content of the Download file:

In this PDF you will find a lot of very useful plans and graphical descriptions & instructions:

If it helps you to solve your issues or just make you feel better to have it for possible reparations, please let me know! I am happy about your feedbacks!

The others who want to criticize me for this free download, and actually want to make money with this, I will like to ignore.
Have fun and good luck to you all!!!


Flyer created for Kenny’s Deception

It was such a big pleasure to create an info flyer for my good friends Kenneth and his son Ken.
This Flyer is a give away they use at car shows where they promote the Deception – a 1964 Buick Riviera they restored while years! This car is just a bomb!!! 👊🏻🤪 (I had already told about this car in previous blogs…)

Kenny’s Deception at Chicago World Of Wheels 2018

Kenneth and his son Kenny Becker had a wonderful time at the Chicago World Of Wheels sowing their amazing “DECEPTION”, a full customized ’64 Buick Riviera. We had some lines about it here before. Find also a short interview with Kenny about his outstanding car here.
Kenny’s 64 Riviera made a good impression at the show. Won First Place in Class, Outstanding Engine, Outstanding Paint and a really Special Award from Rad Rides by Troy. THANKS Troy for selecting the Riviera!”

The award is in recognition of Troy Trepanier father Jack who pass a few years ago. Jack was a wonderful car guy that shared his love of cars with his son Troy and fellow car Enthusiast.

If you don’t know Troy Trapanier or Rad Rods by Troy check this link: …Kenneth say about him, he is the BEST Custom Car builder in the nation! Troy has built Riddler Cars and this year he was selected by his piers as the Best Car builder at SEMA.


Interview with Ken Becker Jr. about his 64 Riviera “Deception”

Nicknamed “Deception”, this beautiful custom Riviera was built by Ken and his father — also Ken — in a garage the low-slung street cruiser was a seven-year frame-off build. Power comes, appropriately, from a Nailhead engine, modernized by a Buick “Star Wars” air cleaner. The body modifications include shaved door handles, hidden headlights, and frenched 1989 Cadillac taillights, and that classy two-tone green paint. The interior features 2010 Cadillac CTS front buckets.
Ken said he likes the way the Riviera’s chiseled bodylines were a ’60s alternative to the round curvy lines of the ’50s.


Written by Tim Bernsau on August 29, 2016
Photographer: Robert McGaffin

1964 Buick Riviera Custom

1964 Buick Riviera Custom & Engine start up @ World of Wheels on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

This is Ken Becker being interviewed about his son’s (Ken Becker Jr.) 1964 Buick Riviera. The only thing more special than the car is the relationship between the two of them. The talent and knowledge they share about classic car restoration is secondary only to the bond they share, it’s quite special. “Deception” (The name of Kenny’s 1964 Riviera) took 7 years in a home garage and became such a work of art, such a labor of love… a must see for any classic car enthusiast!

(Citation of Ken’s daughter on Youtube)

Rob J’s Project – Restoration of a 65 Rivi 401

A cool project of the restoration of a 1965 Riviera 401 by Rob J, a member of the ROA forum (ROA Member #13099).
Also interesting are the comments of the other forum members who follows this step by step restoration. Enjoy and learn!

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