Why I’m doing this?

Hello everybody

This is my very first article…
Recently I decided to set up a website with several themes around my ’65 Rivi.
You may ask why again a website, there are so many out there!?! For me this had various reasons… On the one hand, I am always asked what I’m doing on the vehicle and if I have some pictures of the restoration. Well, since I like to document my work steps, I thought this could be a good opportunity to put all that stuff online so that anyone who is interested can see it. On the other hand, some people also like to know how I have made certain works, where I got the parts or what tricks or hints I’ve used to do it. This questions are often asked to me in forums, or is directly requested by mail… (eric[at]

But the main reason to build this site was – some month ago (that was January 2017) – that Ray Knott, the the publisher of ROA (Riviera Owners Association), asked me if this could be possible for me to write some articles about my t in the ROA magazine “Riview”. Ray hadn’t a hard work to convince me for that project! I felt very honored about that request and since that time, every two months and together with his great graphic artist Michelle, we fill up a double page for the “Review” as long as I have some material to publish (and they want me to publish it of course).

To be able to publish my work and share my knowledge with people who loves Rivieras is such a great honor and gives me a lot of satisfaction because it is for me a great opportunity to give something back to the community who helps me that much!
If you stuck in troubles with you Riviera, the ROA forum “Buick Riviera – Riviera Owners Association” is the place where you will get answers!

At this point I must say that as a mechanic I neither have know how, nor I’m specially gifted for craft work… I just have fun to screw on cars and I’m learning by doing. If I need any special informations, I consult Google or the ROA forum.


If you are interested in my work, stay tuned it would be a great pleasure and honor to see back again!