First impressions before buying the car

I was so grateful that my good friend Daniel Steinauer, a longtime and passionate US-Muscle-Car and Hotrod fan, has accompanied me for the first assessment of the Riv – otherwise I would have probably blindly bought it! (You know, I was an absolute greenhorn in this matter and also very inexperienced).

When I saw the car, Daniel could say what he wanted, the Riviera was already locked in my heart, and I could scarcely escape.

Of course, we did a test ride to get me fully convinced by this car…
It was a hot July day in 2014 and at some point the car stopped and could not be started any more. There was only one call left to get the garage manager to pick us up with his car. (I already thought of a considerable rabat – which I also got!).

Finally, it was clear to me that I wanted the Rivi to 100%. It also turns out that the car belonged to a widow who had recently lost her husband. This cool Riviera was the first car from a considerable collection. She sold the Riv then as the last car of the collection… Under these circumstances, it was clear for me to bring him back to the original state – exactly as her husband had wanted. In the meantime, I promised myself to present her somehow the restored car and take her for a ride.